Koala Lava Shield

This 3 step process will give your vehicle a noticeable difference.  The first step is the clean, in this process the product breaks the bond of the contaminants to your vehicle so that it all of the grime is washed off your vehicle.  The Shine that is applied next will coat all of the surfaces of your vehicle so that the road grime is completely removed from your vehicle.  The final step will lock out the dirt and protect the surfaces of your vehicle while providing an unbelievable clean shine.

Hot Wax & Shine

The Hot Wax adds layers to the vehicle for a long period of time so that your vehicle will shine for days to come

Undercarriage Wash

Washing the underside of your vehicle is very important to help prevent rusting

Bug Scrub

Dead bugs are removed from the vehicle so that your paint does not get damaged.

Tire Shine

This gives your tires the shine your are looking for with a protection that can be applied during the cleaning process

Rain Repellent

This chemistry will allow the water to bead and run off the surfaces of your vehicle; not only making driving in the rain safer but your vehicle will come through the storm looking still clean

Wheel Cleaner

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